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  • DEDICATED (Business established in 1978)

    A company is only as good as the work it performs. A-1 Cleaning Service is dedicated to meeting all the expectations of our clients, so that our reputation shines as much as the areas we clean.

  • EXPERIENCED (Business established in 1978)

    Anyone can clean but not just anyone can clean to meet the rigorous standards that the people of the Wheeling WV and Naples Florida area expect from a professional cleaning service. Our experience gives us the ability to clean and sanitize efficiently every time.

  • PROFESSIONAL (Business established in 1978)

    Being a professional janitorial service is more than just cleaning well. It necessitates a professional image and excellent customer service. When people of Wheeling WV, the Ohio Valley and Naples Florida area call on us they get the professional janitorial service they are looking for.

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Wheeling WV, the Ohio Valley area and Naples FL Cleaning Professionals

Let us take care of it

Organizing the cleaning of a home or business can be a daunting task as there are so many facets to take into account. Which areas must be sanitized and which require a thorough cleaning? What cleaning methods are best to maximize a specific cleaning schedule? How often should extreme deep cleaning be performed? With years of experience in the commercial janitorial and residential cleaning industry, A-1 Cleaning Service is well versed at answering these questions and more. You can trust us to get the job done right!

Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Licensed: In order for any company to work in our industry they must be given a license by the state. This allows us to work under protection of the law.

Bonded: For consumers to be protected many industries demand for companies or individuals to be bonded. With this, in the event of poor workmanship the client is able to recover what was lost from the bonding company.

Insured: To protect employees and clients our company is insured to cover workplace accidents as well as property and liability insurance.

Committed to Clients

Having a clean environment to live and work in is no small matter. Cleanliness is important to make sure that everyone in the area stays healthy and can breathe easy. But having a clean environment is also important for mental health. Unkempt spaces are oppressive to the mind and undercut concentration and productivity. Let A-1 Cleaning Service take care of it so that you can be happy, healthy, and get on with your life.

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